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The Different Types Of Garden Storage You Need

You might have a lovely lawn and a pretty playset for your kids, but you need some essential garden storage too if you want to tidy away your things and keep everything organised. Garden storage allows you to store away the equipment and bikes which cause an eyesore in your garden, while also making it safer for your kids to play in.
Take a look at the following type of storage you need in your garden to keep everything safe and out of the way. With one or two of the following, based on your needs, you have long-lasting, secure storage units which will keep your tools out of sight and your garden looking beautiful.

Bike Storage

Bike sheds are necessary for ensuring your bikes remain safe in your garden while you aren’t at home or during the night. We don’t live in a completely safe world, and there are opportunists out there who will try and take advantage of people who have left their bikes out in their garden. There were a recorded 98,000 bike offences in 2018/19 alone. A shed ensures the bikes are out of sight and can be locked away safely.
We have several bike sheds to suit your needs, whether you have a small back patio or a huge garden with space for a larger sized shed. We even have top-quality storage for motorbikes, freeing your garage space up for storing other equipment or cars.

Log Storage

Many people these days are opting for log fires rather than gas or electric ones to cut down costs. But, log fires require, well, logs. But where can we store the logs so they won’t get wet and be useless when the time comes to throw them on the fire.
We can store a certain amount of logs in our home next to the fire before wood starts to overtake the living room. You need to be able to store logs outside the house, so you are never without during the colder months. We have a vast range of outdoor log storage to suit your needs, whether you only have a small space or the whole corner of your garden for one of the structures.

Gas Storage

Storing gas bottles can be a problem for many business or caravan sites. Perhaps you have only a small amount of space for your gas bottles and don’t know how to store them effectively and safely. The gas storage units we stock at Garden Promos are built from thick, heavy gauge weather-proof steel panels. The different models are designed to keep gas bottles secure from all forms of bad weather, and safe from those who may want to pinch them.
Our gas bottle storage units are approved by Calor gas and are an industry-leading form of gas storage. We are proud to stock the Asgas 188 Gas Bottle Storage Units, as the handy built-in ramp allows our customers to roll gas bottles into the unit easily. The lockable doors keep the gas bottles safe, while the top opens to allow you to check the regulator and have easy access to shut off valves in case of an emergency. Make sure you protect your gas bottles from theft and weather with these outstanding forms of storage.

Garden Tool Storage

Many of us like to keep our gardens in tip-top shape, a hobby which tends to become more popular with age. According to one survey, 14% of 16 to 24-year-olds spend their free time gardening while 72% of 65 to 72-year-olds also enjoy this pastime. Gardening can help us relax, reduce symptoms of depression and get us out in the sun during summer. But gardening also comes with a lot of tools; lawnmowers, trimmers, pitchforks, spades and wheelbarrows are some of the larger items you may be expected to store. However, we might not be able to store all of these in our garage – if we have one – and sometimes it can be hard to drag these items all the way to your garden. A garden tool storage unit allows you to create space in your garage or home and put all of your gardening-related tools in one area.

We have storage units of different sizes, meaning no matter what size garden you have, there will be something to suit your needs. We even have units with shelving options so you can store smaller tools and grass feed, for example.

Why not take a look at the garden storage accessories we stock too to help keep all of your tools and bikes organised and stored safely? We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your garden storage needs and only top-quality stock products. Whether you need a bike lock, a shed base, locks or even replacement keys if some go missing, we have everything online ready for you to order.

Check out our website today to learn more about Garden Promos and the fantastic offers we have on garden storage. Perhaps you have young children who need some outdoor fun injected into their lives; we have amazing playhouses in stock too. Or even if you want to spruce up your garden, take a look at the practical and pretty garden planters and raised beds we also have.

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