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Mercia Double Storey Snowdrop Playhouse
Mercia Double Storey Snowdrop Playhouse
Mercia Double Storey Snowdrop Playhouse


At Garden Promos, we know there is so much more to a garden than just maintaining it. As an adult, you need the chance to lay back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your garden is the perfect area to unwind. But, what about the kids? For the kids, big and small alike, a garden should be a place of fun. A place of discovery and a place where memories are made. Our range of playhouses are certain to help here. After all, what kid has ever existed that didn’t want a playhouse?

When choosing from our range of playhouses, you can be sure that we have you covered when it comes to quality. With anti-rot guarantees up to 10 years, these playhouses are perfect even for the younger siblings who may not have even arrived yet! We have tower playhouses, two-storey playhouses, and playhouses with activities such as slides and swings attached. What more could a child ask for to make their garden the perfect place to play? We even have safety covered too with non-slip ladders and shatterproof windows.

We can deliver our playhouses free of charge to almost all UK mainland postcodes. With easy self-assembly, your child could be enjoying the summer of their dreams sooner than you think. Need to know more? Get in touch today and let us help.

Showing 1–19 of 39 results

Showing 1–19 of 39 results


Our outdoor living spaces are created for a variety of reasons. For some, it is all about rest and relaxation whereas for others it's about socialising and entertaining. Maintaining an attractive looking garden can be hard work, but that work is certainly worth it. What’s important to remember is that gardens can also be about fun. Certainly when children are involved what parent doesn’t want to create perfect childhood memories in their garden? That’s exactly what playhouses allow you to do. There is unlikely to be a child across the country who would not be eternally grateful for the addition of a playhouse in their garden.


It’s not just about fun

Of course, as far as the kids are concerned, they’re having a great time in their playhouse. For them, it is all about playing and having fun. As parents, there’s nothing better than seeing them enjoy themselves, but we don’t want to be spoiling it by telling them that it's actually good for them too. So how is a playhouse good for your kids?


It cuts down on screen time

It seems to be at an ever-younger age that children are glued to screens. Whether it’s a console or a mobile device, this is a generation that loves their screens. A playhouse offers the best distraction, getting them to leave their screens behind and get playing.


Getting some sun

Getting your kids outdoors is actually great for their health. While they’re enjoying their playhouse they’ll also be soaking up some sun. Now, no one is advocating a child being tanned but that sunshine gives a welcome boost when it comes to vitamin D.


Developing social skills

A playhouse allows a child to use their imagination and to explore ways of playing. Rather than being isolated and stuck to a screen, this type of play usually involves other children. This means that your child will be developing vital skills that will benefit them going forward.


They look great!

This one may be more about you than the kids, but there is no denying that playhouses make a great garden feature.

Safety First

As with all things, the safety of our children comes first. Whereas some activities look like a great of fun, parents may be a little wary of allowing their children to take part. When it comes to our range of playhouses, we’re pleased to say that they’ve been made with safety in mind. Windows are made from styrene meaning that they are shatterproof and some of our models are even treated to ensure that they are non-slip. You can allow your kids to have the very best in fun while you can be confident that they are safe.


Types of playhouse

Our selection of playhouses include:


The type of playhouse that you choose will be down to the features that you want for your children. There are basic models that provide fun for imaginary play and others that come with activity centres attached. There is something perfect for every family.