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FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® which is international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. When you buy FSC Certified wood floors you can be sure you are buying ethically sourced wood and thusly helping the environment.

All our engineered wood flooring products are responsibly sourced.

We are fully committed to supplying only responsibly sourced timber flooring.

We are audited each year by the Timber Trade Federation on their Responsible Purchasing Policy and also by the FSC and PEFC auditors. You can see our percentage of FSC and PEFC certified material since 2013 and the very small percentage of material that was not FSC or PEFC certified still had the relevant EUTR certificate so we can guarantee that all our wood flooring comes from sustainable sources.

FSC supplies of Oak for 2013 were 90%, the balance was Canadian Maple sourced from The North west of Canada and for our American Walnut we had an EUTR report compiled by Bureau Veritas Certification, you can see a copy here.

You can see frequently asked questions on FSC timber here.