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Lasita Walter 28mm-300x425cm Log Cabin
Lasita Walter 28mm-300x425cm Log Cabin
Lasita Walter 28mm-300x425cm Log Cabin

Traditional Log Cabins

What image comes into your mind when you think of a log cabin? For many of us, we have a view of what a traditional log cabin should be. For some, the contemporary look is what suits them best. For others, they want nothing more than that traditional log cabin look at feel. We have a great range of traditional log cabins which are all of the very best quality. Take a look at what we have to offer and in no time you could be entertaining or chilling on your very own traditional log cabin.

Showing all 18 results

Showing all 18 results

Traditional log cabins

A traditional log cabin can often add the finishing touch to a near-perfect outdoor space. A traditional log cabin is just what the name suggests - it matches the image that most of us conjure up when we talk about log cabins. Are there any benefits of going for a traditional log cabin and what can they be used for? Let’s take a look:


What can I use my traditional log cabin for?

The simple answer is anything! A traditional log cabin provides a sturdy outdoor building that has an array of uses. It could be that you use it to socialise with friends, to relax and unwind, or as a home office. Some people even use their traditional log cabins as a gym. Whatever you want to use your outdoor space for, a traditional log cabin is bound to be the solution.


What log thickness do traditional log cabins have?

The log thickness of traditional log cabins can vary. We have a range from 19mm all the way up to 70mm. When choosing the right log thickness you will need to consider the cost implications as well as what you are using your traditional log cabin for. Thicker logs are more suitable for all year round use.


Why roof types do traditional log cabins have?

Our traditional log cabins have a choice of pent or reversed apex roofs. A pent roof has a single slope and the highest point is usually at the front of the cabin. A reversed apex roof has the maximum height running from side to side. This can allow for added headroom.


Can I insulate my traditional log cabin?

Yes, you can insulate your traditional log cabin. We certainly recommend this if you are looking to use it throughout the year as it will help to reduce heating costs. We have DIY insulation kits available as optional extras.