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Lasita Osland Amira 275

Contemporary Log Cabins

If your home is modern, stylish, or even a little bit quirky, wouldn’t it be great to create the same feel in your outdoor space? With our range of contemporary log cabins, you can do just that. Made from Nordic spruce timber, these log cabins will great in any garden. Whether you’re looking at placing your cabin in a corner or making it a central feature of your garden, these contemporary log cabins ooze style and sophistication. As well as looking great, they are also of the very best quality and you’ll be enjoying your contemporary log cabin for years to come.

Showing 1–19 of 21 results

Showing 1–19 of 21 results

Contemporary Log Cabins

The image of a log cabin tends to be that of a traditional, almost romantic one. While there are certainly plenty of log cabins that match this image, these are not for everyone. If you have a modern home it makes sense that your log cabin should match. Contemporary log cabins work well here. here are some of the most common questions that we see about these:


What features can I expect a contemporary log cabin to have?

Contemporary log cabins have a modern appearance to them. It is common for them to have windows that go from floor to roof. In terms of the roof, a pent sloping one gives an up to date contemporary feel.


What are contemporary log cabins used for?

Contemporary log cabins are highly versatile and can be used for almost any purpose that you desire. That being said, the fact that they allow in so much natural light and are simplistic in design, makes them great as home offices.


Log thickness and contemporary cabins

Contemporary log cabins come in a  variety of log thicknesses. The thicker the logs are then generally the higher the price will be. The thickness will depend on how you intend to use your cabin. If you are only intending to use it during summer then log thickness is not an issue. If you are looking at a home office or all year round space, then you need to consider a log thickness of 44mm and above.


Can I have electrics in my contemporary log cabin?

Yes, and this is something that most owners go on to do. Although adding electrics is a relatively simple task, you need to ensure that the work is carried out by a person who is suitably qualified. This means an electrician who is Part P registered.