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Lasita India 3 19mm-220x340xm Log Cabin
Lasita India 3 19mm-220x340xm Log Cabin
Lasita India 3 19mm-220x340xm Log Cabin

Log Cabins

At Garden Promos, we understand that our outdoor spaces can be used for different things. Perhaps you’re looking to extend a workspace, entertain friends, or simply just chill. Whatever it is that you’re seeking from your outdoor space, a log cabin can be the perfect addition to help you achieve it. With log cabins from brands such as Lasita Maja, Shire, and Mercia you can be assured that these are the very best when it comes to quality. Made from long-lasting woods, you will be able to enjoy your log cabin for years to come.

Regardless of the size of your garden, we are bound to have a log cabin that suits your needs. We have a great range of corner log cabins as well as those with contemporary or traditional looks. We even have log cabins that have been designed to make the perfect home office space.

Our range of log cabins can be delivered free of charge to the majority of UK mainland postcodes so once you’ve chosen the ideal one to perfect your outdoor space, it can be with you sooner than you think. Why not place your order now and start enjoying all that a log cabin can add to your outdoor living experience?

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Showing 1–19 of 194 results

Showing 1–19 of 194 results

Log cabins

When it comes to perfecting your outdoor space, a log cabin is usually the way forward. A truly versatile addition to a garden, log cabins can be used for a whole range of purposes. It could be that they are a place to sit and relax or it could even be your very own home gym. In fact, your log cabin could be used for just about any purpose. If you are considering a log cabin as an addition to your outdoor space then we are here to help.


What size log cabin should I buy?

When considering the size of a log cabin, a lot will depend upon the size of your outdoor space. Log cabins can be used for an array of purposes such as dining, working, or relaxing and the size may have an impact on your intended use. Generally speaking, it is best to buy the biggest log cabin that falls within your budget and will fit comfortably in your garden.


Does the log thickness matter?

When it comes to log cabins, you will notice that there are various log thicknesses available. Our range of log cabins starts with logs that are 19mm and go all the way up to 70mm. The thicker the logs, the better suited your log cabin will be to all-year-round use. If you plan on using your log cabin outside of the summer months then you are best to consider 44mm as a minimum.


What do I need to know about log cabin maintenance?

A log cabin is a major investment. Like any investment you want to make sure that you are getting the very best out of it. That means ensuring that it is looked after. Log cabins do require regular treatment to weatherproof them and to prevent damage from being caused. We recommend that the exterior is treated every year with a high-quality wood stain.


Is there any prep before assembling a log cabin?

Before you assemble your log cabin, you must ensure that you have a suitable base in place. A base must be of the right size and it needs to be sturdy. A poor base will cause damage to your log cabin. We recommend the base be made from concrete or, as a cost-effective alternative, paving slabs.


Do I need planning permission for a log cabin?

Generally, there is no need for planning permission where log cabins are concerned. Any queries should be clarified with your local planning department. There are restrictions on the height of garden buildings but our log cabins feature low ridge roofs ensuring that they comply.


Can I insulate my log cabin?

Yes, you can insulate your log cabin and if you plan on using it outside of the summer months then we recommend that you do. At Garden Promos, we can supply insulation kits for the flooring and roof of your cabin. These kits contain all that you need along with the instructions so that you can carry out the work yourself.