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Swift Edge Garden Edging
Swift Edge Garden Edging

Greenhouse Accessories

When you’re trying to perfect your crops, it is not just a greenhouse that you’ll need. By checking out our greenhouse accessories you will find other products that can all make your life that bit easier. Just as garden planters can make the care of your plants easier, our VegTrug herb greenhouse can make caring for your newly growing herbs a joy. With self-watering systems, wall huggers, and side tables our range of accessories is sure to have something that appeals to you. After all, taking care of your garden should be a pleasure and never a chore. These greenhouse accessories make sure that is the case.

Showing all 8 results

Showing all 8 results

Greenhouse accessories

When it comes to greenhouse accessories, these broadly fall into two types. There are the nice to haves and then there are the must-haves. The nice to haves are all about making your gardening that little bit easier (no doubt something that we are all seeking). The must-haves are things that are vital to keeping everything in your greenhouse running smoothly. Here’s a look at some of the top accessories that you may need and the most common questions:


I have heard of a VegTrug but what is this?

VegTrug is a company that is all about making your gardening experience easier and more enjoyable. They provide raised structures where you can plant without the need to be bending down. They have purpose-built membranes inside and you can even purchase a self-watering system to go with them.


Do I need a greenhouse thermometer?

Although some may argue that it is not essential, we would certainly recommend a greenhouse thermometer. These give you an accurate reading so that you know if you have got the ideal growing temperature. If not, then you know to take action such as managing the ventilation, adding insulation, or considering a greenhouse heater.


Which watering cans are best?

Watering cans come in a variety of sizes and materials. When it comes to size, you need to make sure that you are comfortable lifting the can when it contains water. Material wise, plastics are extremely durable and made to last whereas galvanised steel watering cans give a traditional look.


Do you recommend buying a greenhouse heater?

If you are only looking at growing through the main season you may not need a greenhouse heater. The only problem here is the UK’s wonderful, yet unpredictable weather. For that reason, we think a greenhouse heater is a worthy investment.