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Signature Weave Petra Storage Box
Signature Weave Petra Storage Box

Plastic Garden Storage

Much like our metal range, our range of plastic garden storage provides almost maintenance-free solutions. Made from only the very best in materials, our plastic garden storage is hard-wearing and weatherproof. When it comes to care, they require little more than the occasional clean with soap and water. Whether you’re looking for storage boxes, kennels, sheds, or any other type of storage, our range of plastic garden storage is sure to have the product that suits your needs. Even for those who have limited outdoor space, we have the perfect solution in the form of our garden cupboards.

Showing all 16 results

Showing all 16 results

Plastic garden storage

Plastic garden storage provides a great, cost-effective, alternative to metal and wooden solutions. The popularity of this option has increased over recent years, and for good reason. Whether you are seeking a dog kennel, storage boxes, a walk-in storage solution, or anything else there will be a plastic garden storage solution for you. It may be that plastic garden storage is not something that you have considered before. If that is the case, then we would like to help.  Some of the top questions that we are asked when it comes to plastic garden storage include:


What maintenance is required?

One of the major attractions of plastic garden storage is that it is practically maintenance-free. There is no need to treat the material with chemicals like you would with wooden storage. When it comes to keeping your plastic garden storage clean all you need is soap and water.


How easy are plastic garden storage solutions to assemble?

Another attraction of plastic garden storage is the ease with which it can be put together. We are confident enough to say that almost anyone could put assemble these. There are some models that simply click together and don’t require any tools at all.


How long does plastic garden storage last?

Plastic garden storage is made from extremely durable plastic. It is built to last and there is no reason why, as long as it is not abused, that it won’t last for many years to come. This makes plastic garden storage a cost-effective choice.


Is plastic garden storage portable?

Generally yes. Plastic garden storage is lightweight which means that you are able to move it around your outdoor space with ease. There is no need to take the storage down in most cases as it can be lifted and moved as a single piece.