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Asgard Quad & ATV Bike Storage

Metal Garden Storage

When looking for the perfect garden storage solution, metal garden storage is the perfect alternative to those constructed by wood. Our metal garden storage range features storage boxes, sheds, bike stores, motorbike garages, and even bin and gas bottle stores. Our Asgard range is all made from heavy-duty galvanised metal making them hardwearing and weatherproof. There is even a section of colours to choose from when picking the metal garden storage option that is right for you. For the security-conscious amongst you, we even have police approved storage systems with 5 point locking. With warranties as long as 10 years, you can buy with peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a quality product.

Showing 1–19 of 32 results

Showing 1–19 of 32 results

Metal garden storage

Metal garden storage is ideal for those looking to ensure that their garden items are secure. They are perfect for storing bikes, bins, tools, and virtually anything else. Whatever you are looking to store, there will be an ideal metal solution. Many models are police approved when it comes to the level of security that is on offer. Not everyone is familiar with metal garden storage, so we hope that we can help to fill you in and let you see if it could be the solution that you are looking for.


Are metal storage solutions easy to assemble?

Yes. Whether you are looking at a storage box or a metal garage, our metal storage solutions are easy to assemble. They only require a few basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, spanner, and spirit level. If you are capable when it comes to basic DIY then you will have no issues with assembly.


Are there issues with condensation?

People may have heard that metal garden storage solutions can suffer from condensation. Our selection includes those with ventilation that keep this problem to a minimum. You can also take steps to reduce the risk by not placing your structure near plants or bushes and ensuring that you have a suitable base.


Will a metal shed rust?

Metal storage solutions are made from galvanised steel. This sees steel being treated with a layer of zinc which prevents rust. Many metal garden storage solutions come with 10-year warranties which shows that the risk of rust is minimal.


Is all metal garden storage green?

Not any more! It was once the case that if you were selecting metal garden storage your colour choice was between green, green, or green.  While green still provides a classic look that many people love, there are also the options of grey, ivory and cream to consider.