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Churnet Valley 10×8 Apex Shed
Churnet Valley 10×8 Apex Shed
Churnet Valley 10×8 Apex Shed

Wooden Sheds

When it comes to garden sheds, wooden sheds provide the traditional look sought by many. Alongside a great range of metal sheds, we have a great selection of wooden sheds that suit every budget. Whether you are looking for a small storage space or a full blow workshop, our range from Mercia and Shire has you covered. Our selection of wooden sheds are the best quality that you will find. With models that are dip treated and pressure treated, these are sheds that are built to last. Manufactured in the UK from sustainable timber, you can buy in confidence knowing that you are protecting the environment while also adding a quality structure to your garden.

Showing 1–19 of 111 results

Showing 1–19 of 111 results

Wooden Sheds

Wooden garden sheds provide the classic look that many in the UK are used to seeing in their gardens. Some people may have concerns with just how long a wooden shed will last. A look at how the timber is treated puts minds at ease as it shows that these are made to be long lasting:



We have a range of wooden garden sheds with pressure treated timber. This means that the timber is submerged in a liquid preserver. It is then put into a pressure chamber. The pressure forces the chemicals deep into the timber. This makes it resistant to damp and rot.


Dip treated

Dip treated wooden sheds are also made to be long-lasting. As the name suggests, the timber is dipped into the preserver for a set amount of time. This doesn’t allow the chemicals to fully penetrate the timber like with pressure treatment, but it still provides a degree of protection.
Wooden Shed construction types When it comes to choosing your ideal wooden shed, there are three main construction types to choose from. These are overlap, shiplap, and tongue and groove.



Overlap wooden sheds are great for those seeking a great building but are on a budget. They are made with horizontal timber slats which, as the name suggests, overlap. These are strengthened by battens which provide extra support.



Wooden sheds that have shiplap are similar to tongue and groove in that the slats of timber interlock with each other. With shiplap though, there is a slight overlap between the slats and this allows for rain to fall and drain.


Tongue and Groove

These types of wooden shed tend to be the most expensive. The timber with these sheds is interlocking and a seal is created. This creates protection from the British weather as well as precasting draughts from getting in.