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Shire Pent 8 x 6 Garden Shed
Shire Pent 8 x 6 Garden Shed

Pent Sheds

When you’re looking for the perfect garden storage solution, our range of pent sheds can end your search. Constructed from wood, we have a range of pent sheds that are dip or pressure-treated. With anti-rot guarantees as long as 10 years, you can buy with confidence knowing that your shed is the best when it comes to quality. Our range of pent sheds include ones that are perfect for that awkward spot in the garden where you think a shed will never fit. With a range of sizes and pricing, we are bound to have the perfect pent shed for you.

Showing all 16 results

Showing all 16 results

Pent Sheds

When it comes to selecting your perfect garden shed, they are generally two roof types to choose from: pent and apex. Both of these have their advantages and both of these look great in any garden. Here we will take a look at what pent sheds are and what they have to offer.


What is a pent shed?

Pent sheds have a roof where there is a single slope. This is usually at the front, on the wall where the door is. This makes the front of the shed the highest point. The sloped roof allows rainwater to run off with ease.


What are pent sheds best used for?

A pent shed is the perfect shed if you are looking for a storage solution for your gardening equipment. For people looking for a DIY workshop, apex roofs may be better as they provide more headroom.


What makes pent sheds so popular?

Pent sheds are not new, but many people see these as having a more modern and contemporary feel to them. They see the shape and lines as a move away from a traditional style shed and believe that it provides an extra feature in their garden.


What gardens are best for a pent shed?

A pent shed makes a great addition to any type of garden whether they are big or small. When it comes to smaller gardens, they do have an advantage in that they are compact. This means it is easier to place them under trees or close to walls. This would be a struggle with an apex roof.


Which is best, pent or apex?

That is a question that we are unable to answer. Both apex and pent sheds have their advantages. What it ultimately comes down to is personal preference and finding a shed that you like.