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You’ve worked hard to create the perfect garden. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy all that you’ve achieved. Our summer houses can help you do just that. These houses allow you to join the luxury of indoors with all of the great things that the outdoors has to offer. With our range coming from Shire and Mercia, you can be assured of the very best in quality, knowing that your summer house is made to last.
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For many, the addition of a summerhouse is the perfect finishing touch to their outdoor living space. A summerhouse can create a great focal point in any garden and will quickly become a point of conversation too. The amount of natural light that floods through the windows make summerhouses the perfect place to chill and relax. There is so much more to summerhouses though. If you are considering adding one to your garden, here’s a look at some of the questions that you may have:

What do people use summerhouses for?

A summerhouse is an extremely versatile garden building. In fact, its uses are almost endless. Of course, the most common use is somewhere to relax and enjoy your outdoor space while maybe sipping a glass of wine or two. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, people have put summerhouse to a whole host of uses such as:

  • Home offices
  • Gyms
  • Playrooms for the kids
  • A place to entertain

What types of summerhouses are there?

We stock a variety of summerhouses so there is bound to be one that suits your needs. We have corner summerhouses that are great for those restricted for space as well as ones with a contemporary feel. There is also a range of traditional summerhouses which are extremely popular. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are even bars to consider which could make you extremely popular with friends and family.

Can I add electrics to my summer house?

Electrics certainly can be added to your summerhouse and this is something that most people do. It means that you can add lighting and maybe a radio, TV, or computer to use. It also makes it easier to add a heater as temperatures dip slightly. Although adding electrics is relatively simple it must be carried out by someone who is qualified and Part P registered.

Do I need planning permission for a summer house?

Generally speaking, you do not need planning permission to add a summerhouse to your garden. There are certain exceptions that link to the size of a summerhouse and how close to a boundary you are, but usually, there are no concerns. If you are unsure then we recommend contacting your local planning department for clarification.

Will a summer house last?

Yes, our summerhouses are only made from the very best quality timber. Add to this that they are either dip or pressure treated and you can see why we are confident in adding a 10-year ant-rot guarantee. Your summerhouse will require some TLC from time to time including an annual treatment, but stick to this and you will be enjoying it for many years to come.

Can I assemble my summerhouse myself?

Yes, our summerhouses are easy to assemble and most people are able to do this. You need to make sure that you have a suitable base in place beforehand. If you lack confidence with the assembly, of some models we are able to offer a service where we can assemble them for you.