Corner Summer Houses

Corner summer houses can be the perfect summer house if you’re perhaps restricted for space. Maybe you have a smaller garden, or perhaps you want to keep your lawn free. A corner summer house will do just what the name suggests and fit neatly into any corner of your garden. With a range of designs from contemporary to classic, our summer houses can add a touch of class to your outdoor space and are perfect for relaxation. As you’d expect from Garden Promos, the quality of our summer houses is exceptional and we only supply you with the very best.

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Corner summerhouses

When looking at the different summer houses that are available, you are sure to have come across corner summerhouses. Perhaps the name gives it away, but corner summerhouses are summerhouses that will fit neatly into the corner of your garden. They come in a range of sizes and will suit all gardens big and small. Here we are going to take a look at some of the most common queries that we receive when it comes to corner summer houses:

Why do people choose a corner summerhouse?

The most obvious reason that comes to mind when looking at corner summerhouses is that they are great for smaller gardens. If you are lacking space, the shape and style of these summerhouses mean that they sit neatly in the corner and don’t take away any of your space. There are also corner summerhouses that are significant in size so it is not all about smaller gardens. These summerhouses are ideal if people want to make the most of every inch of their garden.

Can I paint my corner summerhouse?

Yes, you can paint your corner summerhouse and make it your own. Just make sure that you are using suitable paint that is great for timber and can withstand the great British weather.

What style of corner summerhouses is available?

We know that everyone has different tastes and there is a need to make sure that your corner summerhouse is a great match for you. For that reason, we have a range of corner summerhouses in both contemporary and traditional styles. This means that there is bound to be one to suit you.

Do corner summerhouses have storage space?

Yes, our premium corner summerhouses even come with a side shed. This means that there is an abundance of space that can be used for storage.