The Joys of Outdoor Cooking

The Joys of Outdoor Cooking


Just hearing the word probably conjures up good memories.  What do you imagine when you hear barbecue?  Are you thinking about a warm summer afternoon, cold drink in hand and fresh food sizzling over a low flame?  Can you imagine the taste of those burgers when they come off the grill?  What about the distinctive smell of food that is being barbecued?  There is nothing quite like this iconic, British summer pastime.

Almost everyone loves outdoor cooking, but at Garden Promos, we are ready to help you take it to the next level.  To truly experience the joys of outdoor cooking, the secret is to be found in outdoor kitchens.  Instead of having a small disposable barbecue, or a small individual barbecue unit which is barely big enough for four burgers, outdoor kitchens give you the working space and cooking potential of a kitchen, but outside your home.  We think that for the ultimate experience in luxury outdoor living, the secret is a custom outdoor kitchen.

If you are new to outdoor cooking, or you have limited space, you could start with our barbecue carts.  These are the classy alternative to a single barbecue unit, and ideal for a well cooked outdoor meal.  Forget smoky barbecues where the meat is charred in parts and raw in others, these are designed for a smooth and even cooking process.  With one of these, you will be cooking outdoors in no time.

What about taking your outdoor cooking to the next level with an outdoor pizza oven?  Everyone loves fresh pizza, and there is nothing better than pizza cooked in a well-crafted, specialist oven.  All you need with an outdoor pizza oven is some simple pizza dough, some good quality ingredients and you are ready to cook pizzas that will make your mouth water.  The shape of the pizza oven focuses the heat to give a golden top and a base with a crisp crust.  Your friends will love being able to make fresh pizzas outside on a warm afternoon.


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