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Asgard Sentry Shelf Pack (2 Shelves)
Asgard Sentry Shelf Pack (2 Shelves)

Garden Accessories

We’ve made finding the perfect garden accessories easy. As well as a wide range of furniture covers, our garden accessories range offers all that you need to add those finishing touches to your outdoor space. From classy cushions to add a touch of comfort, to the best in locks and keys for those seeking extra security. We have something for every garden. With our top-quality cushion boxes, you can even store in style. Our range has all that you need to add to the practical side of your garden as well as those that perfect the look and feel.

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  • Accessories

    Asgard Sentry Wooden Subfloor

    £95.00 View Product
  • Accessories

    Asgard Lock Barrel

    £44.38 View Product
  • Accessories

    Asgard Lock Housing

    £41.22 View Product
  • Accessories

    Asgard Handle & Fascia

    £40.00 View Product
  • Accessories

    Asgard Spare and Replacement Keys

    £33.34 View Product

Showing all 9 results

Garden accessories

For those who are dedicated to creating the very best outdoor living space, there are an array of garden accessories available. When people have completed the big tasks such as choosing the best sheds, summerhouses, or log cabins, it is then on to perfecting the look. Your garden is an area that you should be able to enjoy stress-free. Let’s look at how garden accessories can help:


Ideal storage solutions

Who wants the stress of dealing with furniture cushions each and every year? They are either misplaced or thrown alongside a host of other gardening items in the hope that maybe they’ll be okay next summer. A purpose-made cushion storage box does away with this. There is no risk of not being able to find your cushions and there is no chance that they are going to be damaged. An essential? No, but a nice little touch to any garden.


Added peace of mind

When you have invested in outdoor buildings and living space, keeping these secure is a priority. It could be that you have gardening tools and equipment in a shed or even work items in your home office. We have a range of padlocks and lock barrels that can add that extra level of security. It’s all about making things as difficult as possible for a would-be thief and keeping your items safe.


Staying organised

Does a messy cluttered shed cause you a little stress? If so why not look at how shelves and storage cupboards can help. Alongside tool rails, these allow you to create a home for everything and do away with the stress of something being misplaced.


And relax

With coffee tables, footstools, and even wine coolers, garden accessories can also add to your relaxation. Gardens aren’t all about working hard to keep them looking great. They’re about kicking back with friends and family and enjoying what you have created.